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    Mercedez E430

    Price: $10000
    Date Entered: 6/22/2012 5:24:44 PM Offered Type: Best Offer
    Mercedez E Class 430, 2000 ,Silver color. All wheel drive automatic Loaded with several extra features. Leather light Grey interior, Sunroof, All power windows, auto CD changer, In a very good condition, All the maintenance services done through dealer. New tires and Catalytic convertors, Original Owner, 140k. we will match the price what will be in current blue book for private party. Last month it was coming 8000, but on top of it we just spend 2800 for new catalytic converters. We will sell on best offer around 8500 through 10,000.
    Classified - guptas
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    Mercedez E430
    Contact Details:
    Name: Preeta    
    Email: guptapreeta@yahoodotcom    
    Phone: 937-886-0214